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We are a Management Consulting Company. Since 2001, we deliver top quality services to enhance the growth of enterprises and Public Administrations.

A renewed and efficient Public Administration, an innovative and future-oriented entrepreneurship; this is our goal, this is what we have in mind. To that end, we offer our organisational structure, our connection with the area and our network with local authorities and institutions.

Our code of conduct is regulated by the Ethical Code and the Organizing, management and control model created in compliance with the D.Lgs. n. 231/2001.



Sebastiano Molaro, Public Administration and businness consultant, starts Tecnogea in 2001, as a consulting company and a training agency. Since then, thanks to a solid team build, Tecnogea has gradually grown, expanding its skillset and diversifying its areas of activity.

The company built over time specific structures to deliver client-oriented consulting services. Tecnogea uses an advanced consulting model, based on the consideration of each client’s specific needs and stretched over different highly specialized areas of expertise.

Our customer base is composed of industrial companies, medium and big enterprises and Public Administrations. We achieved this thanks to a tailor-made approach, a personalized implementation of each project, transparent terms of contract and a “Success Fee” system (an initial fixed fee + a contingent fee for the achievement of the consulting goal).

Our nationwide scope expresses our potential for mobility and intervetion.

The company:

uses the ISO 9001:2015 Management System, certified by Rina Services S.P.A.


is accredited with the Campania region as a professional training establishment

is licensed by the ANPAL (“Agenzia Nazionale Politiche Attive del Lavoro”) to deliver job related services

is accredited as a provider of the Agricultural Consulting System in the Campania region, in accordance with the DD n. 39/2017

is accredited with FORMATEMP, the Job Training Fund.


We want to create an effective, efficient, innovated, digitalized, transparent, Public Administration, which can use fruitfully the social-media and is overall closer to people and enterprises. We want SME to be able to invest in R&D, and to compete on the global market with due regard for the environment and corporate social responsibility.

To these ends, we work hard to promote innovative operational solutions. That is our mission.

At the same time, we pursue a stable and adequate profitability over time, that allow us to remunerate both the capital and the work, to fund the company’s development and to protect our own independence.

vision tecnogea
codice etico


We signed the Ethical Code of Assoconsult, and we are committed to it.

It is a clear guide for all of our consultants and partners formally engaged in its respect. It influences the way we work and how we relate with our clients, with our community and with each other.

You Trust, We Deliver

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