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We support schools in planning, monitoring, managing and reporting PON, ERDF and Erasmus+ projects.

In collaboration with top-grade teachers, we can provide a wide range of school staff training paths.

We deliver flexible programs for an effective work-school rotation that can match the school’s specific needs while enhancing the student’s skills and future employability.

As partners of the Bricks4kidz global network, lead initiative for STEM education, we offer LEGO teaching solutions for young and old.

progettazione formazione

PON, ERDF and Erasmus+ PROJECTS.

Tecnogea is part of strong nation-wide network of schools and provides qualified support in planning, monitoring, managing and reporting PON, ERDF and Erasmus+ projects.

Since 2017, we became partners of many schools within the “Scuola Viva” Programme, funded by the POR Campania.

We give assistance to many school institutions throughout the whole planning process: from the design phase of the project proposal, through the development of national and European networks, to the implementation of the funded actions.

We specialize in the skill training planning, in the creation of partnerships and in project governance.

Our care towards the educational system and a strong operational commitment allow us to boast a solid field experience, recognized at a national level.

We guarantee our partners:

Support in the application phase to the European Calls. Our consultants work alongside the project managers to draft the proposal and to prepare the required paperwork for the tender.

Innovative project proposals, based on new and advanced teaching methods.

Retrieval and coordination of project partners, to ensure the creation of strong and reliable national and international networks with which we have been working for years

Project governance based on sharing and dissemination. To assess the progress made we schedule regular meetings that require the direct involvement of project representatives to share contents, plan and monitor the project trend and enact corrective measures.

Assistance through the whole process of reporting the project in accordance with the relevant legislation, ensuring the presence at the school of one of our expert consultants who, in concert with the Director of General and Administrative Services, will follow closely all the reporting activities.

Check Latest activities to know more about our current projects and partnerships.


Constant training of school staff is essential for the growth of our country. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is not only a professional obligation, but rather the pivot on which the growth of new generations revolves.

With these strong convictions and in pursuit of the same vision of the National Training Plan 2016-2019, we have dedicated to the school system a wide range of training proposals which are consistent with our skillset. Thanks to the close cooperation with numerous professionals and/or university teachers, we can put ourselves forward with competence and many years of experience in each subject.

Our areas of action – consistently with the MIUR Directive No. 170/2016 – are:

Specific Areas

  1. Expansion of digital culture and media education

  2. Work-school rotation

  3. Health and safety in the workplace

  4. Legality and active citizenship

Cross-sectional Areas

  1. Educational innovation and digital teaching.



In these areas, after taking in consideration the school’s total training need and the available staff, we are able to prepare personalized training plans while promoting learning methods that involve several different professional figures in the same training space, thus stimulating the kind of collaboration that strengthens both the school and its community.

What completes and distinguishes our offer is the exploitation of different and additional delivery methods, that rely on modern technologies to further engage the classrooms. On occasions, together with the Digital Animator and the Head Teacher, actions aimed at spreading the digital innovation in schools will be favoured, in line with the objectives of the NDSP (National Digital School Plan).

Starting from 2015, we added in our training catalogue – available on-line and constantly updated – a special section dedicated to schools. Along with the Higher Education and Specialization Courses for school operators, we add for the same recipients other fundamental training tools, on-site and on-line, such as those on health and safety in the workplace (D.Lgs. 81/08 and subsequent modifications and supplements).

Alternanza Scuola Lavoro


We strongly believe that contributing to the training of future workers to improve the conditions of the labour market is every company’ social. For this reason, we want to support the change and we believe in Work-School Rotation.

We offer ideas tailored on the specific needs of every school that allow every student to develop the necessary skills for their future. Our Work-School Rotation initiatives are marked by a strong interaction between schools and labour market, precisely to ensure that students develop the skills that the business system, and the labour market in general, require.

For the 2017/2018 school year we have created a Work-School Rotation path entirely dedicated to high school students. We intend to bring young people closer to the world of business consultancy, providing them with a solid preparation on the basic know-how required to undertake this career path.

The course is 200 hours long and will be delivered in four different ways: lectures, e-learning, project work and direct company experiences. We have medium and large enterprises among our customers that want to open their doors and instruct the students on the production and management processes. The students will have the unique opportunity to take a close look at real business contexts operating in different sectors of activity. Activities to be completed at the school with the help of one of our internal tutors will be assigned during these visits.

Our offer includes four training packages (Project Management, Economics and Business Law, Soft Skills and Communication), a Job Orientation module, a Health and Safety in the Workplace module to be completed on the e-learning platform and 80 hours of project works and company experiences. There will be two skill evaluation, at the beginning and at the end of the course, to be performed through questionnaires delivered on a dedicated web platform.

See our brochure
or visit our profile on the National Register for Work-School Rotation for more information about our proposal and the possibilities of our flexible modular course structure.


With another company of the group, we entered the Briks4kidz, global network, lead initiative for S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education.

We want to bring children, young people and adults to the S.T.E.M. world and pass on to them scientific and digital skills.

Visit the site dedicated to our proposal.


You Trust, We Deliver

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