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We use cutting edge web based technologies to develop effective solutions for companies.

We develop portals and web applications for the Public Administration.


The expansion of Tecnogea team and the recruitment of competent and experienced IT professionals allowed us to create in 2005 our own digital division. Throughout the years we gained significant design experience in different sectors, such as integration between contents, technologies and services, which allow us to put ourselves forward in the field of IT systems development.


Our company has been on the market since 2001 and has since had the privilege to work with a great number of small, medium and big enterprises. We gained significant software development experience, especially in the world of services. We know the current needs of this world because we live in it every day. The need to eliminate paper forms, to digitalize business processes, to make companies more efficient are known to us.

We used this knowledge as a foundation on which to build various web based solutions.

We customized CRM solutions and created web linked Apps.

Our development method is based on the Agile Software Development Process.

The project starts with a kick-off meeting to define together work team, milestones, schedule and company expectations. In the same meeting we will put on the table our previous experience and all of our professional competence. When the project is launched, one of our consultants and software analysts meets the company’s management in order to collect, analyse and code the software, and to realize a prototype. In subsequent meetings, the prototype is regularly presented, new requirements are collected and modifications to be integrated in the next version of the prototype are received. With each meeting, our consultant will present an increasingly complete prototype, thus giving concrete form to the company’s expectations and implementing more and more functionalities until the completion of the development project.

Our working method satisfied our clients’ needs and fully matched their expectations.



For the Public Administration we are able to develop web based applications, customize opens source software and create internet and intranet websites integrated with connected APP applications.

We have developed the ANSFA web-site on behalf of the Institute for the Analysis of Public Policies. ANSFA is the National Archive of Accredited Training Facilities; it collects all the relevant information on the Regional accreditation systems and on the accredited training subjects nationwide.

portale ANSFA

Tecnogea is a member of the Microsoft Partner Network.

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