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We have selected specific training paths for young graduates and professionals who want to be competitive on the job market.


We support companies in undertaking important transformation processes that involve an investment in human resources.


We want to give our contribution to the computerization of the public sector and to the implementation of a user-oriented approach.


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Investing in human resources. Empowering skills. Enhancing expertise. We believe in all of this. That is the reason why we want to be part of the change, along with the school system, the public and the private sector. We can provide custom training projects, tailored on the client’s specific needs, to schools, public bodies and private institutions. Along with the training available, we can personalize syllabi, teaching material, schedules and locations.


Our teachers are mostly university professors and consultants, with many years of experience, qualified in their specific subject and in the implementation of their teaching method.

Our training method includes both traditional and ground-breaking approaches, thanks to the extensive use of our e-learning platform.

The most recent targets for our training plans are local authorities, medium and big enterprises.


We are a professional training provider, licensed by the Campania Region.

We provide specialized training to improve the skillset and facilitate the employment of young people. Our goal is to create new professional profiles in the fields of consulting services, management and self-employment.

Check our constantly updated “Latest activities” section and training offer.

Formazione professionale
formazione professionale


We support companies in undertaking important transformation processes. Our goal-oriented integrated services cover all the strategic and operational aspects of HR management, thus providing different levels of corporate training: from the integration of the recently hired resources to the executives’ development paths.

We firmly believe that individual know-how is essential to establish a high quality level. We can provide a growth path that covers the assessment of the employed staff’s skill level, the identification of the company’s specific needs and the required training planning and implementation.

We walk the companies through the diverse funding opportunities for business training to find the most suitable solution. We also provide support in presenting, managing and reporting initiatives funded by the Inter-professional funds and the regional training funds.


Education and training in the public sector are fundamental tools to enhance the quality of public services and to drive forward the P.A.’s renovation process. We want to be part of this process, so we are handing over our knowledge and expertise in computerization and reorganization of work to the public sector. Our goal is to satisfy the public body’s specific needs while rewarding the personnel’s growth tendencies. The ultimate goal is, as always, the overall improvement of public services.

We plan our actions in advance to take into account specific goals, required skills, recruitment planning and technological advances.

In times of scarce resources, investing in training is essential for every Public Administration. Knowing this, we walk our client through the whole process, from the planning phase to the final assessment. We want to ensure a positive feedback while maintaining our high quality standars.

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